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Ysgol Caergeiliog Foundation School actively encourages a system of working together within clusters and partnerships.


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If you are interested in finding out more about Caergeiliog Foundation School, you can request a copy here. We hope our prospectus will help you gain an understanding of our philosophy towards education, and how the organisation and running of our school contributes towards the success of the pupils in our care.


The schools vision for ICT

Our School aims at developing its current learning culture by making information and communications technology (ICT) the keystone of all its educational provision. Thus it aims at generating a culture where children, young people, families and communities prosper from 21st century opportunities and thus become confident and competent global citizens.

Securing the Vision - Strategic Planning for ICT

In accordance with its commitment to ‘Quality and Excellence in Education’, the School recognises that it must be dynamic in all aspects of its educational provision and at the cutting edge of all developments in communication and technology. The School considers this as an integral element in gaining the necessary skills for global citizenship.

As a School, and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism, continual self-improvement, and mutual respect. We are committed to our users and have a passion for technology. Thus, our School aims at developing its current learning culture by making information and communications technology (ICT) the keystone of all its educational provision.

Thus it aims at generating a culture where children, young people, families and communities prosper from 21st century opportunities.

Securing this vision will require actions in the following five key areas:

1. Leadership and Management

To develop leaders and managers who support and drive the development of this 21st century learning culture by:

Engaging school leaders in the identification and

Ensuring future leaders can endorse and implement innovative use of ICT

Appointing an ICT Technician to the Management Team.

Appoint an ICT Co-ordinator to the Management Team with responsibility for the Strategic Development of ICT as a Core Subject and as a tool for the development of all subjects, particularly Mathematics and Science.

2. Learning

To provide a learning environment that will further develop in each pupil that creative interest, enthusiasm and curiosity that will promote the harnessing of this energy to explore the potential of ICT within and beyond the learning community. In order that this is achieved the School will strive to ensure that all pupils:

Acquire wider learning skills through the development of ICT as a creative, investigative and problem solving tool

Move from collaborative to independent learning ensuring high levels of attainment and achievement.

It will also secure the:

Enhancement of the curriculum and learning opportunities for its pupils.

Extending the curriculum offer in ICT, with stronger links to other subjects, such as music.

Making the application and use of ICT paramount to allow for virtual interactive classrooms, on-line access and remote access to curriculum and teaching materials.

3. Teaching

To enable all staff to be confident in identifying opportunities to exploit ICT in order to facilitate collaborative and independent learning the School will:

Recruit confident staff with ICT skills and relevant teaching skills

Train confident staff with ICT skills and relevant teaching skills

Ensure staff supporting additional learning needs access the most effective resources and methodology.

Further develop Media Studies throughout the School.

Introduce a new Key Stage 2 Computer Suite

Further develop its Wireless Infrastructure

Further promote the use of Notebooks and Netbooks, particularly at Foundation Phase and Key Stage 1

The school will also:

Create a stress-free working environment to support teaching and learning. The implementation of workforce reform will require different kinds of facilities for staff, such as quiet work areas and social/recreation facilities.

4. Access

To achieve equal and consistent access to new technologies and applications for all pupils, the School will:

Identify access development needs

Secure supported access for targeted groups

5. Resources

The School recognises that it must:

Prepare Strategic Budgetary Plans for the effective procurement of resources - in terms of support materials, software and hardware

Secure a Planned Investment in Interactive Whiteboards, Resources for the Development of media Studies, Notebook and Netbook Computers

Meet the challenge of securing an effective and safe learning environment through ICT that supports all of the above themes and aspirations


National Curriculum

Caergeiliog Caergeiliog teaches in accordance with the requirements of the Foundation Phase Curriculum and the National Curriculum.

The core subjects are Mathematics, English, Science and Welsh. The foundation subjects are Information Communication Technology, Design and Technology, History, Geography, Art, Music, Physical Education.

Foundation Phase Curriculum

New approach

The Foundation Phase is a new approach to learning for children from 3-7 years of age. It combines what we currently call Early Years Education (for 3 to 5-year-olds) and Key Stage 1 (5 to 7-year-olds) of the National Curriculum. To support the rollout of the Foundation Phase, a statutory framework, 'Framework for Children's Learning for 3 to 7-year-olds in Wales', is available.

The Foundation Phase is based on the principle that Early Years' provision should offer a sound foundation for future learning through a developmentally appropriate curriculum.

It will bring more consistency and continuity to children’s education at such an all-important period in their development.

The Foundation Phase at our School places emphasis on children learning by doing.

The curriculum will focus on active involvement and developing each child's:

Skills and understanding

Personal, social, emotional, physical and intellectual wellbeing so as to develop the whole child

Positive attitudes to learning so that they enjoy it and want to continue

Self-esteem and self-confidence to experiment, investigate, learn new things and form new relationships.

Creative, expressive and observational skills to encourage their development as individuals with different ways of responding to experiences.

Activities in the outdoors where they have first-hand experience of solving real-life problems and learn about conservation and sustainability.

The National Curriculum

Revised and restructured

The national curriculum subjects have been revised and restructured. The purpose of these changes is to identify the skills for each subject and the range of contexts, opportunities and activities through which these skills should be developed and applied. The content has also been updated to ensure relevance to the twenty-first century and manageability for learners and teachers.

The School has full details of the Foundation Phase Curriculum and the National Curriculum and is always actively developing the Schemes of Work. As parents you have the right to see these details and are encouraged to discuss them.

1. What does each Curriculum contain?

2. What do parents need to know?

3. What kind of work goes on in lessons?

These are the kind of questions asked by parents. In order to respond to such queries the School arranges:

Meetings at a mutually convenient time to discuss any concerns.

Copies of the National Curriculum made available to parents.

All policies and Schemes of Work to be available to the School.

Open Evenings.

Annual Reports on Academic Performance.

Interviews with Senior Teachers to discuss the results of assessments tests.

Weekly Information Updates.

Our School actively encourages parents to participate in their child’s education. We would therefore wish to emphasise that as parents you are welcome to contact the Headmaster or the School Registrar, Mrs. M Roberts, if you have any queries or would wish more information on how your child is progressing at School.

The national Curriculum and the Medium of Instruction

Pupil Assessment and the Curriculum


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